About me

I gave birth to my daughter using HypnoBirthing™ the Mongan Method. This experience changed many aspects of my life. The day I birthed Carlotta was the best day of my life. I felt empowered and serene. Carlotta had the birth she deserved, coming into the world calm and with no unnecessary stress.

Thanks to HypnoBirthing I lived my pregnancy in total serenity and I approached birth with joyful expectancy: since I started the preparation I’ve felt calmer and in control, and more in tune with the way our bodies are meant to work. I was already a yoga practitioner but it was HypnoBirthing that made me start meditating and my journey hasn’t stopped since.

After Carlotta’s wonderful birth I felt I wanted to share this approach to birth and educate expectant couples so that treasuring the moment of birth can become a possibility for as many women & babies as possible.

I went through the full Marie Mongan HypnoBirthing training and certified with the HypnoBirthing Institute, which gave me the expertise to teach the method and to learn all stages of the birth.

I trained as a pregnancy yoga teacher with Uma-Dilsmore and Tara Lee, which allowed me to learn the anatomy of the body during pregnancy and birth and the correct movements to assist the body during birth.

I trained as a hypnotherapist, as a way to learn how the mind works and how to neutralise the self-limiting believes we impose on ourselves. Women are conditioned by how birth had been portrayed in the past couple of thousand of years and even now. This prevents women achieving full potential of their bodies’ abilities during the birth (and as a parent!).

I continue to learn through workshops, courses and books in an attempt to always improve my knowledge and expertise and to assist ‘my mums’ always with the best of my abilities. There is a need for a positive movement about birth. I do what I do because I feel a call to assist women to trust again their instincts and help babies to have the right start of life: with respect, with love, and with as little trauma as possible.

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