I collected some of the most frequent questions I get, and answered them.

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HypnoBirthing™ was founded by Marie Mongan, is taught worldwide and has been in existence for 25 years. HypnoBirthing™ the Mongan Method is the only original HypnoBirthing.

It is a tried and proven method that guides and prepares a woman in giving birth in a peaceful and extraordinarily beautiful manner. It is a program a that considers the psychological, as well as the physical, well-being of the mother, her birth partner, and the new-born, independent of context, whether that be in the quiet of a home, a hospital, or a birth centre.

There is no such thing. This is a limiting belief and once you attend the first class you will understand how ALL mums-to-be have the capability to give birth in calm. Giving birth is a physiological function of a woman’s body.

I do not prescribe what you have to do during birth. Birth is a natural unfolding of events and once you get all the knowledge you will be able to decide what is the best course to action for you and your baby.

HypnoBirthing is NOT against medicine. In fact, many midwives are now trained in HypnoBirthing, and HypnoBirthing mothers are always welcomed with a big smile.
The NHS is now supporting and promoting HypnoBirthing.

Hypnosis is not about losing control. It is the opposite: when the noise of your conscious mind is quiet you are more in control then ever. Stage hypnosis is very different from hypnotherapy, which is used in HypnoBirthing.
During the first session you’ll learn what hypnosis is and how it works.

My course is a complete antenatal preparation. It covers all stages. It’ll leave you excited about the moment of birth.
Mums that attend more than one course, often report how the preparation they get at my course is thorough and complete. When attending another course they realise they are the most prepared in the room, with the difference of not experiencing the anxiety and fear they see in the other mums.
I do not cover Breastfeeding and I would recommend to learn about it. Hospitals usually organise free breastfeeding courses (please enquire if you need trusted [and amazing!] breastfeeding consultants for private or group 2hrs breastfeeding courses).

Meeting other mums at the same stage is important! This is why I run Coffee Mornings with all the other mums who have attended my courses and their babies, which were born around the same time.

It is very nice for mums to meet other like-minded mums and share tips. Many strong friendships had already formed among mums who met at a coffee morning gathering.

By taking the course with me (either privately or in group) you and your baby will be invited.

This is a very precious time in life and nothing should stand between its enjoyment. That’s why I offer a 100% money back guarantee (minus cost of book, recordings & postage) if you feel the course is not right for you, after having attended the first session. I will ask you what didn’t work, so I can improve. I absolutely don’t want to receive money from mums that aren’t getting what is good for them.

If you cancel the course for other reasons up to a week before it starts, I will refund you the fee of the course deducting the deposit and the cost of book, recording & postage.

A) If you give birth before the end of the course, I offer you back the cost of the sessions you did not attend (cost of book & postage deducted).

B) If you are near the EDD please get in touch and I will arrange dates and packages that are good for you (in terms of knowledge & techniques and in terms of time).

I prefer to teach the course over various sessions, at least a few days apart because learning HypnoBirthing™ over a weekend does not work as effectively to absorb the knowledge and acquire the techniques. The brain and body memory have a limited learning capacity (especially in pregnancy!). It is for this reason that HypnoBirthing™ is ideally taught most effectively in 4 or 5 sessions.

The techniques I teach are very simple, you will get them right away! However only through repetition and practise they become ingrained & second nature for you. This is also true for the education you will learn: through repetition the knowledge becomes clearer, the information settles into your mind.

I like to work with you personally, following your progress and assisting you in choosing which technique and practise would work better for you. It is not the amount of the techniques practised that will make the difference, but identifying and practising only what is working for you. There is not a one-fits-all solution: every woman, every birth, every dynamic in a couple is unique.

This course also allows the time to explore your feelings and helps resolve and release any anxieties that may arise. You become fully aware of those only after a few sessions. The fear release is in fact scheduled on the 4th session of my course.

Please read also the next two answers below.

The format of several classes is important, as the information given in class needs time to be absorbed. In every class I will guide the group through a different hypnosis. Hypnosis works through repetition, only one practice will not help.

Also, mums are asked to practise relaxation techniques between the sessions so by the end of the course they will be confident and feel empowered. It is important that they establish a good practice.

Please also read the previous answer just here above.

If you cannot commit to all scheduled sessions, please get in touch and we can arrange a different formula which will be tailored to your needs.

If there are dates of the group course that you cannot attend, I can record the missing session* and you can watch it off-line before the next one or we can arrange a private session to replace it. You can reach me between sessions to ask questions and clear doubts!

If you prefer a private session to replace the one you can’t attend, that’s good. Just get in touch.

* during the 4th session I guide through a fear release. If you cannot attend that session, I’ll provide the recording of it, omitting the fear release and we’ll arrange a 1hr private session to cover it. 

Couples attend the course together most of the times. There are mums-to-be that attend on their own, and that is absolutely fine: I will give material for the birth companion and instructions on how to share it with him/her.

If the father of the baby will not attend the birth, other figures can be birth companions: mothers, sisters, friends, doulas and anyone you feel deeply at ease with.

I often witness a transformation of fathers of babies during the course, becoming very enthusiastic by the end of it. Feeling empowered and having specific tasks is very important, for both mums and dads to be. Birth is a very intimate moment for the couple, a transition into parenthood: when both of you are empowered the joy of the moment can be lived fully.

It is absolutely fine if birth companions do not attend all the sessions. I will summarise the missed session to them (over the phone or at the following session) and give material to you to share with him/her.

We will find an alternative arrangement for you not to miss the class.
When this happens often couples/mums-to-be ask to attend the session via Skype; alternatively a private session can be arranged for a little extra cost.

This is absolutely fine. You will find HypnoBirthing being very complementary to most courses. You will deepen your knowledge about birth and learn effective techniques to stay calm and get rid of fear. This is not against any other antenatal course.