My HypnoBirthing course is a COMPLETE antenatal preparation

It covers all stages. It’ll leave you excited about giving birth.

I teach the original Marie Mongan method.
I’m a hypnotherapist and a mindfulness meditation teacher, and I bring my own experience to my teaching.

What you’ll learn:

  • How FEAR creates pain in childbirth.
    • When you’re fearful, your brain sends this hidden command to your body: STOP! it’s not the right time to give birth!
    • How to control FEAR. And to regain calm at any point.
  • How birth is simply a physiological function. And NOT a medical condition.
  • How the uterus works.
    • Its muscles
    • How it’s affected by the hormones of birth: prostaglandin, oxytocin, endorphins.
  • How to regain TRUST in your body and in your baby.
    • They both know what to do.
  • Breathing & Relaxing techniques
    • Specific breathings to use during contractions. One labour, one for birth.
    • Relaxing techniques to make you relaxed in a matter of a few seconds (a skill to learn for life!!)
  • Specific directions for you and your birth partner
    • Both of you have an IMPORTANT ROLE and will support each other
  • What to do when an intervention is needed.
    • What questions to ask to understand if it’s needed for a medical reason
    • How to embrace it.

Included in the course:

I want to offer a wonderful experience when you prepare with me for the birth of your baby. Fresh spring water and organic snacks are always on the table, fresh flowers are set in the room and I use my favourite china to serve my wide selection of organic teas during the tea breaks, which are a nice occasion to chat with other parents-to-be and make friends.

  • The original Hypnobirthing book
  • The original audio files for self-practice
  • A short handouts guide to use on the day
  • Invitation to the Happy-Birthing coffee mornings
  • My full commitment and heart! I’m always available to all my mums BEFORE, DURING and AFTER birth


Courses are via Zoom.
Classes should be held a few days apart. Otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed and may not get the full benefit. Click here to read more about this.

Group Courses

Up to 5 classes of 2.5 hours each.

Online live classes.
If you can’t attend a session, you can watch the reply.

Click for dates. Classes are on Zoom.

Private Courses

Up to 4 classes of 2.5 hours each.
Welcome to 5th group session of that month free of charge.

Online live classes.

To register click here

Combination Group-Private Courses

From £425
If any day of the group course is not good for you, we can arrange a private class instead.

Private with Friends

From £395
If you know other couples interested in the course, I can teach you private classes at a reduced price.
I run classes in office meeting rooms (if you have colleagues that want to attend the course with you), your home, my home.

To register click here


From £185

If you already had a baby preparing with HypnoBirthing, a refresher course can be perfect for you. I can help you refresh your memory with a bespoke class which also includes a fear release. This is also good if you’ve already finished the course and you want to refresh your memory/eliminate fears closer to your estimated due time.

To register click here

Shorter courses

Shorter private courses of 3x or 2x sessions.
This is recommended to mums who are at the end of their pregnancy, or cannot commit to the full course.
Please get in touch for more details, and a tailored plan will be recommended.

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Other offerings

Overcoming morning sickness

This is a stand-alone hypnotherapy session.
Audio provided for self-practice after the session.
Duration: 1 hour

*Also available to those who don’t attend my courses

Fear Release

This is a stand-alone hypnotherapy session. It aims at releasing your fears around birth and life after birth.
This is important to be able to allow yourself to let go on your birthing day, and letting your body to birth without being blocked by irrational fears.
Duration: 1 hour

*Also available to those who don’t attend my courses

Turn the baby into vertex position

This is a stand-alone hypnotherapy session
Duration: 1 hour

*Also available to those who don’t attend my courses

Promote labour

This is a stand-alone hypnotherapy session aiming to naturally induce labour.
If your due time is getting closer and if you worry your labour is not starting, this session will help you to naturally promote it.
This is recommended if you are scheduled for chemical induction.
Duration: 1 hour

*Also available to those who don’t attend my courses

Moving the placenta up (audio file)

I will record and send you a bespoke guided self-hypnosis that can promote the rising of the placenta.
Duration: approx. 30 mins

*Free for mums who attend my courses
**Also available to those who don’t attend my courses