Birth is BEAUTIFUL, EMPOWERING, ENJOYABLE. Giving birth to your baby is a moment to treasure. A moment to own.
I am committed to help mums and babies
to have the birth they deserve: calm and peaceful.
My entire focus is you & your baby.
In this Coronavirus time, mums have more need than ever to learn how to allow their body to give birth naturally, and what to do in case of intervention.

ONLINE LIVE group and private courses are available.
My way to help you, in this difficult time, is reducing the fee of my GROUP courses of 20% off (if you book until the end of July).

Happy birthing to all mums & babies!

Since the birth of my daughter I felt a call to help mums & babies have a calm and peaceful birth. Because it’s simply your birthright!

Modern culture represents birth as very traumatic and painful. But this isn’t how it’s meant to be. Women’s bodies know how give birth, as much as they know how to develop a baby inside all by themselves.

My HypnoBirthing course is a complete antenatal course, covering all stages. It’s designed to help you own the birth by letting go of fears and embrace the very instinctual and natural way of giving birth that is already ingrained in you. So that you & your baby can birth in an atmosphere of peace and calm.

Becoming educated about birth, and using the relaxing and breathing techniques you’ll learn, you’ll make informed choices and feel in control and a true force of nature.


Your birth, your way.

Laura Artero

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