Is it really possible to give birth without pain relief?

A mum asked me the other day: is it really possible to go through labour and birth without pain relief?
And I say: Yes it is. It was for me. It was for many of the mums in my courses. It is for the women that do not go with the fear (of pain). Because it is not meant to be painful!


When labour starts, among other hormones also endorphins are released. Endorphins are way more powerful than morphine… and so you see so clearly that the birth mechanism is perfect, providing mums with a natural pain relief that is way more powerful than anything else.


The only things is: for endorphins to be naturally released, the labouring mum’s mind needs to be calm and she needs to feel safe. And only then she lets go, and endorphins flow copiously.


This is it. Feeling calm, feeling safe. That’s why I spend enough time explaining how the uterus works during labour & birth when a mum is fearful v/s when a mum is calm.

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