Giving birth to your baby is a moment to treasure. It’s a moment to celebrate and deeply enjoy. Since the birth of my daughter I felt a call to share that a calm and peaceful birth is the birth right of every woman.

Modern culture depicts birth as a very traumatic and painful event. This is not how it is meant to be! Physiologically, the female body knows how to give girth, after all it knows how to develop the develop a baby inside all by itself.

My course is a complete antenatal course, it covers all stages. It is designed to help you own the birth by letting go of your constraints and embrace the very instinctual and natural way of giving birth that is already ingrained in you. Allowing you and your baby to birth in an atmosphere of peace and calm, supported by the most powerful pain relief we know: endorphins! A calm birth is also a beautiful gift to offer to your baby: a good start of life. 

Becoming knowledgeable about birth, and using the relaxing and breathing techniques you’ll learn, you’ll make informed choices and feel in control… and a true force of nature.


Your birth, your way.


My course is a COMPLETE antenatal preparation.
It covers all stages. It’ll leave you excited about the moment of birth.

This is what you’ll learn:

  • How pain in childbirth is caused by FEAR. How fear of dying because of childbirth in the past thousands of years transformed into the fear of pain most women are afraid of nowadays
  • How to eliminate the fear.
  • How to regain TRUST in your body and in your baby. They both know what to do.
  • What is the uterus and what it does during birth.
  • Breathing techniques to adopt during all stages.
  • Relaxing techniques that will make you relaxed in a matter of a few seconds (a skill to learn for life!!)
  • Specific directions for you and your birth companion: both of you have an IMPORTANT ROLE and will complement & support each other


My entire focus is YOU and YOUR BABY. I changed my life and became a HypnoBirthing practitioner after the amazing birth my daughter and I experienced having prepared with HypnoBirthing. My call in life now is to EMPOWER women and let them enjoy the most amazing moment in their life. And I’m committed to help babies to have the start in life they deserve.