Since the birth of my daughter I felt a call to share that a calm and peaceful birth is the birthright of every woman.

Modern culture depicts birth as a very traumatic and painful event. This is not how it is meant to be! Physiologically, the female body knows how to give birth, after all it knows how to develop a baby inside all by itself.

My HypnoBirthing course is a complete antenatal course as it covers all stages. It is designed to help you own the birth by letting go of your constraints and embrace the very instinctual and natural way of giving birth that is already ingrained in you. Allowing you and your baby to birth in an atmosphere of peace and calm. 

Becoming knowledgeable about birth, and using the relaxing and breathing techniques you’ll learn, you’ll make informed choices and feel in control… and a true force of nature.


Your birth, your way.

Laura Artero

  • The hypno-birthing really helped and the breathing exercises were amazing techniques. Charissa did amazingly and gave birth naturally with no pain relief at all. It really was an incredible overwhelming experience, which we have to thank you for preparing us for. We immensely enjoyed the course and thought your delivery was fantastic

    Joe Vincent, 1st time dad from SW London

  • It was such a pleasure taking the hypnobirthing course with Laura. I used to look forward to the next class. For me it is no exaggeration to say that this course changed my life!

    Rania, Director of Business Development for a Specialty Ingredients Company, London

  • Laura, the entire course with you was absolutely useful and effective. My birthing experience was so sweet thanks to the key skills I gained in the course, allowing me to trust my body even when it was hard for me to let go of my fears.

    Dana Elman Vishkin, London School of Economics student of Public Policy from Marylebone, London

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